Hi, and welcome to my website.

I'm a self taught indie developer, here you will find information about my projects.

I've always been interested in computers, mostly 3D, some years ago i got hold of a 3d programme called imagine, I used to dabble with that making 3D models in my spare time, I also tried my hand in some basic coding.

A few years ago I found Unity 3D and that re-sparked my interest in 3d and coding, so i had to make the decision to code in javascript or C# and i went with javascript, a decision i’ve become to regret as Unity has announced they will be dropping support for javascript.

Over the years i’ve written quite a bit of C# so in my latest project I decided to convert all the javascript scrips to C# making sure the project was not broken along the way, 182 scripts, roughly 80,000 lines of code, i was happy. But the thought of doing it in my old projects i think would take me months, thousands of scripts, hundreds of thousands lines of code.

But i think Unity will be doing some kind of converter, i know there are some out there but have not came across one that is 100%, if anyone know of one please let me know.

I’m working on my first full game, it’s going to be called The Lab, the goal is to find and kill a scientist who is genetically engineering people and and animals, you will chase him or her, not programmed the scientist yet, though different time zones meeting all kinds of creatures.

I'm using assets I've purchased from the Asset Store, 3D Art, Mr Necturus and Profi Developers, and I need to thank people in the forums of Unity forum, Unity Answers,  Stackoverflow, and Armedunity for all the help along the way.

Please browse the site to find out more of what I've done, doing, and the services i provide, if you would like to commission a project, App or other software please use the Contact form.

To see the latest pictures, videos and news updates please go to my FaceBook page, and if you like what you see please like it, thanks.